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Dental Care

This treatment is a key component of wellness care for pets.

You wouldn't imagine skipping dental checkups for the rest of your life.
So, why wouldn't you want to make sure your pet receives the dental care they need, too? Unfortunately, even the most devoted and conscientious pet owners sometimes underestimate how important dental care is for animals. Pet dentistry is important for overall well-being since it does more than simply keep your animal friend's teeth clean. It also protects pets from a host of other potential health issues. If your pet needs dental care in The Colony, we'd be delighted to help!

The Importance of Dental Care

If you're still unsure whether pet dental care is important, take this into account: 70% of animals get oral problems by the age of three. By the age of five, that percentage rises to 80%. Bad breath and tooth discoloration are common signs of dental disorders. But if left untreated, these modest problems can develop into infections that lead to kidney, heart, and liver damage. Sadly, untreated dental disease is a major cause of early pet mortality.
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Pet Dental Care in The Colony

Give them a big, healthy smile.

Pre-anesthetic blood testing and a comprehensive medical examination are the first things we do when you visit us for pet dental care in The Colony (because we perform dental services while patients are under general anesthesia). After your pet has fallen asleep, we will do a thorough examination and take digital x-rays. The teeth will be cleaned and polished before receiving a fluoride rinse. Our veterinarians can also do oral procedures, including extractions, when necessary.

The Colony Animal Clinic is the best place to go for pet dental care in The Colony and the surrounding areas. Every step of the way, your cherished friend will be in capable and caring hands. Call today to make an appointment.

High-Quality Vet Services

The Colony Animal Clinic provides pet dental care for dogs and cats in The Colony, Castle Hills, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Prosper.
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