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Parasite Prevention

Safeguard your companion from internal and external pet parasites with our help.

Pet parasites are more than simply an irritation. They can also make pets and people sick and uncomfortable.
Many diseases can be passed from one pet to another. Some may even have an impact on people! Keeping pet parasites at bay can help you avoid unpleasant pests like fleas and ticks while ensuring your dog’s or cat’s long-term health.

At The Colony Animal Clinic, we provide complete pet parasite prevention and control. We are here for you and will do everything we can to help, whether you’re trying to safeguard your pet or require treatment for a current infestation. For parasite prevention and control, you’re in the right place.


Both internal and external parasites negatively impact your pet’s health. Pet parasites transmit the virus that causes cat scratch fever in people, tapeworms, and numerous other potentially fatal infections that are spread via fleas and ticks. Intestinal parasites, including hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms, produce various unpleasant symptoms. They can spread to both people and other animals. Heartworms, transmitted by mosquito bites carrying the disease, harm the heart and lungs and can cause premature death in companion animals, especially dogs. 

The signs of pet parasites include everything from diarrhea and coughing to itchy skin and hair loss. Pets occasionally don’t show any signs until the infestation has done significant harm. Because of this, it’s critical to always keep your dog or cat on an effective parasite preventative.

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Medications
At The Colony Animal Clinic, we offer oral and topical pet parasite preventatives, deworming, and parasite testing services. If you have any questions about the most safe and effective parasite prevention methods for your pet, just ask one of our knowledgeable veterinary team members.
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When you pick our vets in The Colony for pet parasite prevention, we’ll work with you to choose the approach that will best meet your pet’s needs.

When you buy directly from us, you won’t have to worry about purchasing fake goods since all of the things we sell are safe and sourced directly from their manufacturers. Make an appointment with us today to learn how we can safeguard your pet from both internal and external parasites.

High-Quality Vet Services

The Colony Animal Clinic offers pet parasite prevention and control, including parasite preventatives, deworming, heartworm testing, and more, for dogs and cats in The Colony, Castle Hills, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Prosper.
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